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India-Palestine Education Linkages

India contributed immensely in Palestine's efforts to educate its people. Over the years, around 12,000 Palestinian students have graduated from Indian Universities, a large number of them on the scholarships offered by the Government of India. Today, these students occupy important positions in Palestinian society and serve as bridge between the two countries. These graduates have also contributed a lot in establishing and developing Palestine's 9 universities and more than 53 colleges.

Indian universities continue to attract Palestinian students. Currently, there around 100 Palestinian students in India. There is a tough competition here for Indian Council of Cultural Relations' scholarships.  This year, during the visit of President Mukherjee to Palestine, the scholarships were enhanced to 25 per annum.

India has built (i) Jawaharlal Nehru Library at the Al Azhar University in Gaza city; and (ii) Mahatma Gandhi Library-cum-Student Activity Centre at the Palestine Technical College at Deir Al Balah in Gaza. In 2015, India built two schools; Jawaharlal Nehru Secondary School for Boys in Abu Dees and Jawaharlal Nehru Secondary School for Girls in Asira Al-Shamaliya, at a cost of US$1.8 million.

Responding to the needs of this age, Government of India is setting up an India-Palestine Centre for Excellence in ICT & Digital Learning & Innovation Centre in Al-Quds University, Abu Dees. The Centre will also have a satellite centre in Ramallah. Similarly, to assist Palestine in its efforts to introduce vocational education in its school curriculum, India is setting up seven vocational training centres in Palestine. During the visit of President Mukherjee to Palestine, India announced to build one more India-Palestine Centre for Excellence in ICT & Innovation Centre in Gaza at a cost of US$1 million.

During the visit of President Mukherjee to Palestine, India announced to establish a Chair of India Studies in Al Quds University, Abu Dees. India also announced to support research cooperation between BirZeit University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. During the visit 5 MOUs for academic and research cooperation were signed between Indian and Palestinian universities.


December 2015

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